Sunset portraits

Sand and surf instead of a studio

Unlike many photographers I prefer the outdoors to a studio. Florida’s Emerald coast has the most beautiful beaches in the state, and some have said the world. If you want a traditional studio posed portrait with a mottled blue and grey background you should look elsewhere. I prefer to use the beaches in Navarre Beach and on Okaloosa Island but will travel to the beaches from Pensacola Beach to Sandestin, including Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Navarre Beach, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island and Destin. If you’re visiting from out of town let me know where you’re staying and I can help you choose a great location close to your hotel. If you’re local just let me know where you’d like to go!

Family photos on the beachThere are many county parks that have ample parking and restrooms in the area, and I always do my best to give you results that look like you’re on a private beach. Look at the photos on this site and see how many have people in the background. Henderson State Park in Destin and Navarre Beach’s new park are both far enough away from condos so that even photos aimed away from the water won’t have giant buildings in the background.

I can shoot your photos during the day, but the results will almost always be better if taken in the last hour before sunset. There is a natural glow in the air that even Hollywood hasn’t yet figured out how to replicate. The lighting has turned softer and as the sun nears the horizon turns a bit golden to produce the most flattering beach portraits possible.

Engagement photosIf you’re visiting Florida for a beach vacation the main thing on your mind is all about having fun and relaxing along Florida’s Gulf Coast. My approach for your beach portrait session is the same. You should be at ease during the time your beach stay is being photographed as well. From individuals to large family reunions it’s all part of the fun!

Anniversary portraitsI have had people ask if they can bring their own camera, or if I can take photos with their camera. No other cameras are allowed to be used during the session. Many years of time and training have been spent in order to provide you with a great portrait. The subjects also need to have their full attention on the photographer, not distracted by other people taking snapshots to have their head or eyes turned in the wrong directions. This can also waste a lot of time, that is limited, as the sun is setting.

Portrait packages start at $200 and while I do have several pricing options listed here, if you don’t see what you need let me know and I can customize a pricing package to suit your needs. Most people need less than an hour to get everything they need.

One last thing… you may notice that I have not listed all of the reasons why you should choose me over other local photographers. I’d like to think that my photos say it all: As with any art you either like them or you don’t. I have no desire to disparage other professionals in the area as most of the ones I have met are very nice people.