Book Backgrounds


Choose from Color or patterns on each page. Entire book or page by page, whichever you want.
If you’d like a simple color background you can pick whichever you want and even have the background made with a color same of the photo, like the bridesmaid’s dress, flowers or any other color in the shot.

If you need help choosing a color there are many resources on the web. Just do a search for “RGB color chooser” or something similar and you can get the six digit color code.

There are several patterns to choose from and you can customize them to be any color you’d like.

Click on the thumbnails for more details.

Corner Swirls Circles Green w White flowers
Pattern 1  Pattern 2  Pattern 3 
Peach Swirls Lavender Grey Swirls
Pattern 4  Pattern 5  Pattern 6 
Rectangles Cute Flowers
Pattern 7  Pattern 8